The call for applications is open to start-ups meeting the following criteria:

-You have developed an innovative solution to major social, societal and/or environmental issues

-You have created your startup less than 5 years ago

-Your product or service has already convinced a relevant number of users

-You have a viable business model

You will also need to send us a one-minute pitch video :)

All info here:
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When did you found your company ?

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Why did you decide to tackle this issue? How did you come up with this idea? *

What impact have you had so far? *

How do you intend to maximize your impact on the long run? *

What is your dream achievement? *


Does {{answer_30800872}} have any competitors in Hong Kong? Globally? *

If yes, who are they? And what is your differentiation?

Why do you apply to the Impact² World Award?

What is your biggest obstacle at the moment ? *

Which skills are you lacking? *

What do you expect from the Pitch Night in Hong Kong? *

Where are you working at the moment? (in which location in HK) *

Please do not forget to send us a one-minute pitch video to :)

You can either record a new one or send us an existing pitch video. Make sure the pitch really lasts one minute! *

Anything you want to let us know ? Ask us ?

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